Curious where Dallas’ in-the-realize crowd is consuming and ingesting? It’s clean to identify traces out the door, but a few underlying developments are harder to see.
We took a records-pushed study the query, using Yelp to find out which restaurants have been seeing especially excessive assessment volumes this month.
To discover who made the listing, we checked out Dallas businesses on Yelp by means of category and counted how many evaluations each acquired. Rather than evaluate them based totally on a wide variety of critiques alone, we calculated a percentage boom in reviews during the last month and tracked corporations that continuously extended their extent of reviews to perceive statistically enormous outliers compared to beyond performance.
Open considering 2015, this seafood restaurant and marketplace, which offers sparkling seafood from round the sector, is trending compared to different agencies categorized as “Seafood” on Yelp.
Citywide, seafood spots noticed a median 2.1% boom in new reviews over the past month, but Rex’s Seafood and Market noticed a forty% increase, retaining a healthy four.5-superstar score at some point of.
Located at 6713 W. Northwest Highway in North Dallas, Rex’s Seafood and Market serves sparkling Gulf oysters, ceviche, shrimp cocktail, seal scallops and extra.

Whether or not you’ve been a hearing buzz about Northeast Dallas’ Brickhouse Burgers and Shakes, this conventional American spot is a hot subject matter according to Yelp review statistics.
While organizations categorized as “American (Traditional)” on Yelp noticed an average 2.Three% boom in new opinions over the past month, Brickhouse Burgers and Shakes bagged an eight.Nine% boom in new opinions inside that time body, keeping a legitimate 4.Five-celebrity score.
Open at 9090 Skillman St. Due to the fact 2014, Brickhouse Burgers and Shakes serves signature burgers and sandwiches, salads, snacks, and aspects. Aside from conventional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry milkshakes, the restaurant offers forte shakes as well.
There’s greater it is trending on Dallas’s conventional American scene: Frankie’s Downtown has visible a four.3% the boom in opinions.

Northeast Dallas’ Nori Handroll Bar is also making waves. Open given that September 2018, the sushi bar, which gives tapas, cocktails and greater, has seen an 8.9% bump in new opinions over the past month, compared to a mean evaluate the increase of 2.3% for all groups tagged “Bars” on Yelp.
Nori Handroll Bar, that’s placed at 2814 Elm St., serves hot and bloodless appetizers, sushi rolls and temaki. Over the past month, it’s maintained an advanced four.5-megastar score amongst Yelpers.
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