Want the scoop on Washington’s buzziest neighborhood spots?
We took a data-pushed take a look at the question, the usage of Yelp to investigate which eateries had been maximum discussed this month.
To find out who made the list, we looked at Washington organizations on Yelp via category and counted what number of reviews each acquired. Rather than compare them based on a wide variety of critiques on my own, we calculated a percentage boom in critiques over the last month and tracked corporations that constantly elevated their volume of evaluations to perceive statistically tremendous outliers in comparison to past overall performance.
Read on to see which spots are driving a fashion, right now.

Open when you consider that April 2019, this Italian spot, which offers pizza, salads and greater, is trending compared to other businesses classified as ‘Italian’ on Yelp.
Citywide, Italian spots noticed an average 2% boom in new critiques over the past month, however, Nicoletta Italian Kitchen noticed a considerable 116.7% increase, with a mild upward fashion from a 4-superstar score a month in the past to four.5 stars today.
It’s not the only trending outlier in the Italian category: Stellina Pizzeria has visible a 36.7% increase in critiques, and Officina has seen a 9.4% bump.
Located at 901 Fourth St. NW (between North I and North K streets) in Mount Vernon Square, Nicoletta Italian Kitchen offers tagliatelle, gnocchi al Forno, and veal Milanese.

Whether or now not you’ve been hearing buzz approximately Dupont Circle’s Astoria DC, the cocktail bar and Szechuan spot is a warm subject matter according to Yelp review records.
While businesses classified as ‘Cocktail Bars’ on Yelp saw a median 3.5% increase in new critiques over the last month, Astoria DC bagged an impressive 141.7% boom in new evaluations inside that time-frame, maintaining a superior four-star rating.
There’s greater it truly is trending on Washington’s cocktail bar scene: Whiskey Charlie has seen a 9.9% increase in opinions, and EllÄ“ has seen an eight.Four% bump.
Open at 1521 17th St. NW (between North Q and North Church streets) considering the fact that April 2019, Astoria DC gives sweet and sour ribs, walnut shrimp and ribeye chimichurri.

Columbia Heights’ Rooster & Owl is likewise making waves. Open due to the fact that February 2019 at 2436 14th St. NW (between North Chapin and North Belmont streets), the New American spot, which gives tapas and extra, has visible a 30.2% bump in new evaluations over the last month, compared to a mean overview boom of 2.2% for all agencies tagged ‘American (New)’ on Yelp.
There’s more than one hot spot trending in Washington’s New American class: City Winery – Washington has seen a 7.Eight% increase in critiques and Brescia has visible a five.8% bump.
Rooster & Owl offers risotto, quail and hanger steak. Over the past month, it’s maintained a strong four.5-megastar score amongst Yelpers. Nowadays people do not buy anything online without reading reviews of that particular item like food, cloths, electronics gazettes and many more other. It has been noticed that people go for an item that is highly reviewed and has large positive comments or ratings. Let us take an example of restaurants, if you would like to know about a particular restaurant, online reviews websites can help you to provide an idea about the restaurant which you are looking for. So, restaurant reviews website provides you great help to choose a good restaurant in the city which offer good food and excellent services to their clients.

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