New Delhi-based juice and beverage corporation, Nutricane Beverages has launched two new variants, mango, and guava, to its Omg! Range of fruit juices.

These variants upload to the 3 flavors that the agency had brought remaining yr.
Dipin Kapur, co-founder, Nutricane Beverages, “Our assignment is to provide purchasers the most scrumptious, nutritious and clean tasting juices. By improving the goodness of end result with obviously sweet sugarcane juice, we’ve no longer only created one-of-a-kind flavor mixtures but also changed harmful refined sugar with a more fit opportunity, supplying a promise of nutrition and taste.”
The Omg! Variety of juices are made with sugarcane juice and are packed in 250 ml recyclable glass bottles with none brought sugar or chemical preservatives.
Neeraj Jalan, co-founder, Nutricane Beverages, said, “Our ancestors knew the monstrous fitness benefits of sugarcane juice and it turned into used as a sweetening ingredient on the time. Refined sugar, constituted of sugarcane, is devoid of any nutrients and become perhaps made simplest for its longer shelf existence.”
According to Nutricane, these unique fruit juices are a first of their kind globally where fruits are mixed with sugarcane juice, and this turned into made feasible through its internally evolved patent-pending technique known as ‘FreshFusion’.
Sachin Goel, co-founder, Nutricane Beverages, said, “The alternative of empty calories from sugar with healthy sugarcane juice is indeed a floor-breaking innovation in the beverage phase. What seems to be the most herbal mixture is, in reality, the result of continual studies and improvement. Our new juices are a healthy opportunity to different packaged tender liquids and fruit liquids available within the marketplace,”
Priced at 45, the fruit juices are currently to be had at places such as Delhi NCR, Jammu and Kashmir, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru and Lucknow, and might be to be had in greater towns all over India in the coming months.

The advantages of juicing carrots are more often than not related to lowering the levels of horrific LDL cholesterol within the frame. Carrot juice is extraordinarily beneficial for humans laid low with cardiac diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of carrots help in fighting ulcers and bone illnesses (gout and arthritis). Carrot is one of the pleasant assets of diet A, that improves eyesight and health of the skin. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that prevents the incidence of acne, zits, and blemishes on pores and skin.
The benefits of juicing are many. A glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice is nutrient wealthy that fulfills the nutrient demand of your body.
Green juices assist to eliminate wastes and pollutants and irrigate the frame, construct the blood and deliver oxygen and vitamins without delay to the tissues.
The intake of vegetable and fruit juices help to promote a healthy life fashion and sell a balanced dietary intake.
Reap the benefits of juicing veggies by way of sharing together with your children. We all recognize that properly vitamins for youngsters is essential. Keep your children healthful with the aid of giving them wholesome uncooked fruit and vegetable juices every day. Kids will experience the flavor even extra in case you integrate vegetable juice with a few fruit juices and blend with ice makes an extremely good tasting smoothing that’s both a laugh and really wholesome for the youngsters and adults as well.

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