For Harish Mysore, it’s miles all about making alternatives that advantage not just the self, however all people around.

“I had been obsessed with gardening due to the fact that youth. In the past six decades that I have lived in Bengaluru running as an engineer, I managed to build a terraced lawn from scratch and keep it. But after retirement, I knew that I wished more. It was a dream to move to Mysuru, a purifier and less congested metropolis, and that came authentic in March 2018,” stated Harish, even as speaking to The Better India (TBI).
The overwhelming site visitors and pollutants have been some other reasons for his migration. “We wanted to live a toxin-free life and help others do this as nicely. So it turned into determined that we will flow to an area with purifier air and grow our food organically,” he adds.

In the subsequent nine months, with the help of household and buddies, Harish and his wife controlled to convert 14,000 rectangular feet of land into a completely-natural farm that boasts over 300 forms of culmination, herbs, greens, and flowers.
“I have had some enjoy with on-floor and terrace gardening, however operating on such a huge land is an exceptional ball-sport altogether. So we reached out for help and employed a complete-time gardener and slowly commenced the work in January 2019,” he stocks

To keep things so as, the huge farm has been divided into components.
The outer circle has round fifty drumstick tree saplings at the side of twenty-5 flax tree saplings, even as the inner circle is surrounded by fencing and a row of tree saplings planted on all four facets along with mango, five sorts of jackfruit, pomegranate, avocado, sapota, extraordinary styles of citrus plant life, water apple, rose apple, nutmeg, cinnamon, fig, custard apple, 5 forms of guava, coconut, and neem.

“We also are developing round 50 sorts of cashew nuts on either aspect of the garden front. We have tried to grow as many sorts of flora as feasible, as a result enhancing the biodiversity of the region,” he says.
After nearly six months of hard paintings, Harish now grows three hundred kinds of plant species that consist of greens, the end result, herbs, greens, and plant life. One hundred types out of those have harvested 1/2 a ton of produce so far, he delivered.
A passionate gardener with significant enjoy, Harish uses home-made organic traditional fertilizers to nourish his flora. “We make our personal Panchagavya and Jeevamrutha at the lawn and are frequently feeding organic count within the shape of dry leaves, cow dung, plant and vegetable waste and so forth.

He provides that to enhance soil first-rate and reduce weed increase, he grows Amaranth plant at the bottom of every plant as a way of herbal stay mulching. “Not simplest does it protect the tree saplings from warmness and weeds, but additionally produces sacks complete of fit to be eaten vegetables high in dietary price, every single day. We ship this harvest to a nearby hostel mess for college students, free of value,” Harish says.
However, the garden is not the simplest task Harish has his arms on. In his efforts to make Mysuru greener than ever, he also volunteered to work on 1.25 acres of public park and the not unusual location of a complex near his farm where he hopes to grow three hundred timber and has controlled to plant round 50 till now. But, that’s now not it. Taking his efforts a notch higher, he additionally planted a few 60 bushes in the location and hopes to growth it in the coming years.
“What’s the point of developing a distinct inexperienced haven when the sector round you could be rotting in pollution. It’s a series impact, and I am doing whatever I can to enhance the scenario,” says Harish, who spent almost seven lakhs in these past months to make the region green.
Open to all, his lawn stands as a stellar example of individualistic efforts reaping the collective benefit.

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