There are few matters extra nostalgic — and regularly, wildly grotesque — than combing thru dated recipes.
Maybe the concept of Milk Chicken, an antique recipe concerning roasted hen, banana, milk, and eggs, gives you joy, not nausea. Perhaps you long for the days whilst your grandmother made Lime Cheese Salad, a delightful aggregate of Jell-O, cottage cheese, and seafood.
Either way, your most debased and sentimental food favorites now have a home on r/Old_Recipes, a brand new and popular subreddit devoted to humans’ preferred antique recipes.

In simply two days, the subreddit has earned over forty-one,000 fans at the time of writing.
Sure, there are plenty of web sites and communities that accumulate vintage recipes and culinary creations. There are Vintage recipes. Internet, which incorporates masses of fanciful creations. I’m a huge fan of Tumblr and Twitter account @70s_party, which incorporates pictures of foods organized for ’70s dinner parties, in addition to advertisements from the era and cookbooks.
But r/Old_Recipes is mainly desirable because it is so comprehensive. Recipes and snap shots are posted for a ramification of motives. Some of those recipes are right here because they may be both private to the Reddit person and delicious, which includes this pleasant 3-component recipe devised through someone’s grandmother for lemon bars and this one for Mamaw’s No Bake Cookies.
Others are here for the only historical, nostalgic issue. I’m a selected fan of this side-via-facet contrast of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra’s hamburger recipes. Frank’s includes the step “Tell him to make you a fuckin’ burger.”

These historic recipes from the World War I era have no eggs and consist of throwback strains like “By now not using eggs in desserts at food where meat is served, the housewife can reserve the eggs to use at different food in the vicinity of meat,” and “There isn’t always an egg in those and the family is simply as properly pleased.”

This specific recipe calls for coffee, a small egg with a shell, and boiling water places my family’s Keurig gadget to disgrace. However, I will never — ever — positioned an egg shell within 100 ft of my coffee.
I, in particular, love the sassy or self-deprecating notes human beings have left next to recipes. People’s mindset in the direction of themselves and the shitty recipes they’ve used honestly comes via, and it is a beautiful component.
Shout out to whoever referred to like this recipe for Deviled Dried Beef, which includes fat, eggs, and meat shards, “shit.” Frankly, Frizzled Dried Beef, which lacks vinegar and mustard and which has a far cooler call, appears far superior.
But it is the disgusting, vomit-inducing recipes wherein r/Old_Recipes certainly shines. I’m profoundly horrified by using maximum Jell-O-based totally recipes, as I am by Jell-O itself, but ancient Jell-O recipes frequently mixed sweets with fats or spice. If you’re going to make Jell-O, please do now not combine it with a listing of (what I suppose ought to be) those banned components: drained horseradish, cabbage, onion, pepper, or Miracle Whip.

Grotesque recipes aren’t just confined to Jell-O although. There are such a lot of other exceptional, quite creative approaches antique recipes may be foul. R/Old_Recipes is an amazing vicinity to capture so many of them. There are recipes right here for Broiled Squirrel, posted by way of the Remington Arms Company — which manufactures firearms — Whale Stew, some thing known as Burgoo, Broiled Mayonnaise, Cottage Avocado Quickie, and “salads that guys like.”
I, for one, am delighted to see the phrase quickie, often applied to explain a brief act of copulation, used to describe a cottage and avocado advent. I cannot imagine anything concurrently more disgusting and delightful.

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