Today’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19 June episode begins with Sameer’s (Randeep Rai) trainer telling him to awareness on education. There changed into no excuse in performing and informed him to assume himself to be the samosa supplier who hadn’t eaten whatever considering the fact that morning. Sameer stated he got here there to come to be a hero and now not promote samosa. The trainer stated he needed to get into a position to fully stay it. Good and horrific instances got here in everybody’s lifestyles. Sameer is reminded of his Mama Jim’s words. Sameer tried again. Preeti and Naina (Ashi Singh) went for a stroll with the girls. Vanita requested her if the ceiling work had started. Naina nodded. Vanita said it will be as she should be lacking.
Naina requested her what she turned into hinting at. Vanita stated her room. Naina agreed. Preeti asked Vanita why she referred to like them there. Vanita supplied them samosas. Preeti teased Sejal that her shop will be getting closed quickly. Sejal stated absolutely everyone could make samosas. Vanita stated they had been Chinese samosas. Preeti joked that she didn’t need to visit China to deliver samosas. Vanita stated she become certain that she will crack any such shaggy dog story. These had noodles internal. Vanita instructed them the recipe.
Naina changed into cooking at home whereas Sameer turned into on his way domestic. Preeti checked out the pager excitedly. Preeti hid the pager and invoice in the back of her again as her MIL got here there searching out Panchang. Preeti dropped the invoice at the ground and kept the pager back in the lower back. Nirmala ji noticed the bag and asked if she went to the marketplace. Preeti nodded. She went to buy socks for Shubham ji.
The invoice slipped under the bed as Nirmala ji reached out for the bag. Sameer becomes careworn to look Shivani. She sang a track and made him sit down. She confessed her emotions for him but Sameer handiest were given harassed. She supplied him samosa to which he replied that she became an excellent friend. Sameer ate samosas and rushed out of there. Tanvi instructed Nirmala ji that Gauri aunty had known as for her. It became some thing associated with Sejal. Nirmala ji looked at Preeti and then at Tanvi. She went with Tanvi.
Doorbell Rang. Naina thought it is going to be Sameer however it became Gopal. He had come to test the development paintings. Sameer stepped internal stealthily and became about to hug Naina from in the back of when he heard Gopal’s voice. He pretended to repair the portray. Gopal instructed him to live there for a few more days. The paintings weren’t complete but.
He will are available at night. Sameer grew to become to Naina who requested him why he went to the class empty stomach. He responded that he didn’t want to disturb her. She said he disturbed her plenty now as she kept wondering if he ate something or not. He recalled eating samosas. She made him take a seat. She made some thing unique to him. She added a plate of Chinese samosas. Sameer’s stomach seemed upset. Naina fed Sameer together with her own fingers. Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao performed within the heritage. She became about to bring gulab jamun however his belly becomes upset. She spoke of spending time as Rakesh wasn’t home but he ran away to take care of the pressing count. Vanita requested Shivani to deliver salt however Shivani became too lost in DDLJ. She needed to shout the second time but Shivani counseled her to tell Jatin. Vanita left a pager for Jatin. Jatin received Vanita’s text.
Vanita requested her to carry more gadgets and sent him numerous texts. Jatin stated he can’t make an excuse before wife now. He kept receiving greater such texts. Nirmala Ji instructed Shubham that Preeti stayed busy on call all day. Shubham showed if Preeti dialed out or it became an incoming name. She stated it turned into an incoming call. He changed into relieved however she advised him to make her live free for someday too. She spent half of her day speak to her mom and the rest of the time she changed into busy with Naina. Sameer entered. Nirmala ji provided him samosas but he told her that he gained’t consume whatever. Nirmala ji, fortunately, advised Preeti now not to make dinner for Sameer. Preeti nodded and resumed her name with her mom. Preeti aske3d Sameer if he was exceptional.
He said it was because of those unique samosas. He advised her the whole thing truly. She laughed hearing his tale. He said he cannot tell her how he stated no to Naina. Papa ji wasn’t home. He should have frolicked together with her. She is confident him he’s going to get time as his SIL become right here. She observed surprise. He appeared hesitant but she hinted that this marvel can do wonders for him and Naina. She confirmed his pager. He requested her if she brought it for Shubham however she informed him she was given it for him. He politely refused. He can come up with a present however he can not take one from her. She reasoned that he might want masses of permissions to buy it. He burped and asked for something.
She agreed to bring it. He asked her no longer to tell anything to Naina. Preeti is confident him she won’t. She became to go however then noticed Naina at the door, staring down at them pointedly. The written update of 19 June 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode complete tale ends here.
In the upcoming episode of Yeh Un, Dinon Ki Baat Hai watches how Sameer and Aditya promoting samosas close to their society. Sameer panics while he sees Gopal and Gauri taking walks up to them. Stay tuned!

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