On Saturday, Bengal celebrated ‘jamai sushi’, an annual festival that revolves around pampering the sons-in-regulation (jamai) of the households. The day is spent in smothering the jamai with gifts, savory meals, and delectable goodies, which form an important part of the only-day festival.
The in-laws traditionally celebrate familial bonds by indulging inside the most wonderful sweets, a number of which might be mainly crafted to fit the event.
Breaking away from the customary sweets which might be available in the marketplace around this time of the yr, sure sweetmeat stores in Bengal have added a brand new variety of ‘shondesh’ to their racks. What units these aside, are the strategic slogans engraved on them – along with ‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Jai Hind’, and ‘Joy Bangla’.
These come at a time while the political situation in Bengal is aggravating, ordinarily over the CM Mamata Banerjee’s outrage over slogans like Jai Shri Ram and the Bharatiya Janata Party cadre’s insistence on using it. Several people have taken to social media due to the fact, some wondering why the slogans hassle her, others rebuking her knee-jerk reactions, with the relaxation pointing out that it amounts to politicizing a religious statement.

Cashing in on the recent subject matter of the moment, entrepreneurs thought of attracting the candy-toothed Bengalis with the unique milk-made desserts embellished with the contentious slogans. Each of these candies is reportedly priced anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 200 per kg, in line with a DNA document.
Customers had reportedly queued up on account that morning to buy the candies with a message in their choice. Shopkeepers knowledgeable that there wasn’t an iota of hatred, political alignment, or bigotry within the making of the candies, but natural pride and advertising and marketing ability.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, fanatics across the world are acting yoga – in businesses and individually.
The international recognition of the day has grown to become it right into a big scale media where celebrities, as well as commoners, put up pix and motion pictures of them doing yoga, at the same time as a few opt to circulate the occasion stay.
Most people virtually perform yoga, but there are a few who indulge in making sly jokes approximately folks who tried and didn’t quite get it right.
Yoga does assist in preserving a healthful mind and body, however, laughter in spite of everything is indeed the pleasant medicine.

For running professionals, the daily habitual might be taxing at the mind and the frame. Here is a thrilling take on how to get by using the mundane:

2. In any other one, navy puppies are visibly doing yoga, and critically at that! This is cute and inspirational on the identical time. Man’s excellent friends seen spreading paw-sitivity on Yoga Day 2019. (Image: ANI)

three. Former top minister HD Deve Gowda become seen performing yoga in his Bengaluru house on International Yoga Day in 2018. Let’s simply say, the Twitterati did no longer take to the post kindly.

Five. Famous Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah, who performs for Liverpool within the Premier League, turned into visible celebrating a goal in a yoga posture on the field. Seems like every day is Yoga day for him!

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