Looking to chow down on a few Cajun/Creole fare? A new spot has you covered. Called The Juicy Seafood, the sparkling arrival is placed at 2727 S. Parker Road.
The Cajun crawfish house serves mussels, crab, shrimp, and different shellfish by using the pound. In the eating place, clean seafood plates come with sauce, corn on the cob and potatoes. Hush dogs, candy potato fries and fried cheese sticks are many of the aspects alternatives.
The Juicy Seafood continues to be finding its footing, with a four-famous person score out of 13 evaluations on Yelp.
Denise G., who became most of the first Yelpers to review the brand new spot on June 15, wrote, “The sauce turned into one of the higher Cajun sauces I have had at those sorts of eating places. The carrier became on the factor the complete time. The server became extraordinarily attentive and always smiling.”
Yelper Mike S. Brought, “Very fresh. Very delicious. Let me inform you, this location does no longer disappoint. Very pleasant staff, sincerely our favorite vicinity in town.”
Interested? Stop by means of to welcome the brand new commercial enterprise to the community. The Juicy Seafood is open from midday–10 p.M. Sunday-Thursday and midday–11 p.M. On Friday and Saturday.
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