Aspava Turkish Cuisine, in the front of the Alban Arena, has 3 signs where the six letters of its name are internally illuminated, and with a further low-intensity white LED strip along the existing fascia.
District planning officers recommended that the signal should be refused, claiming the illumination of the ‘Aspava’ lettering, which is already in place, could have a destructive effect at the character and appearance of the metropolis’s conservation place.
They also agree with the signal might detract from nearby listed homes inclusive of The Waterend Barn and The Grange, and that the usage of plexiglass and composite panel, at the same time as now not destructive in itself, could exacerbate the effect of the internal illumination.
Speaking on behalf of the applicant, planning agent Dean Goodman careworn that it became just the letters of the restaurant’s call that had been illuminated, and no longer the entire signal, and claimed there was local precedent as close by Barclay’s financial institution has similar signage.

He stated the restaurant’s “discreet and diffused” signage did no longer have the identical effect as the “drastically worse” plasma screens inside the home windows of the Alban Arena.
Mr. Goodman additionally pointed to 4 eating places that had failed on the identical premises, an growth in anti-social behavior in front of the Alban Arena, and the want to encourage the survival of the brand new eating place.
He stated: “The lease is trying difficult to make the eating place pay and promote an attractive facility in this key part of St Albans where businesses often fail. Please help him live to tell the tale.”
During the controversy, Cllr Janet Churchard said that the signs and symptoms did not appear to be out of the person with their environment, and Cllr Helen Campbell said she did no longer find the signs wholly unattractive or unappealing.
The committee ultimately agreed that the utility would not have an unfavorable impact on the encompassing conservation location, and accepted the eating place to hold its signs.
Councilors had been also knowledgeable that the council owns the freehold of the website online, but that this did now not have an impact on the assessment of the making plans software.

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