The Great British Bake Off is back for its 10th supporting, and 12 amateurs have risen to the occasion which will land a ‘Hollywood Handshake’ and win the coveted Bake Off trophy.
The suggests saucy innuendos, errant squirrels and soggy bottoms make The Great British Bake Off obligatory Autumn viewing, however, a long way greater is going into the baking contest than you could ever believe.
Viewers fall in love with the eccentric bakers in the front of the digital camera, but there’s plenty we don’t see from behind-the-scenes.

1. How do you practice to get to the show?

The show is obviously now not for the half of-baked, thanks to the thorough and rigorous software process.
For the ones even toying with the concept of spending 10 weeks inside the tent, candidates must make sure they in shape to the display’s strict conditions, which include:
Being 16 or over
Being a resident of the United Kingdom
They have in no way worked as a complete-time baker, prepare dinner or chef
They do not have an NVQ or other qualification in baking, cooking, meals production, catering or meals instruction – until acquired over 10 years ago
If they get the green light at the above, they then ought to fill out the seven-page utility process.
“The utility shape is really long,” 2017 Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo instructed RadioTimes.Com. “It focuses totally on your baking.

“Every section, like bread and desserts, and biscuits, has its personal web page and you’ve got to say what your signature bake is and how often you bake it. Then you have got a cellphone interview.”
Should the display follow the equal pattern as the closing year, applications for The Great British Bake Off 2020 should open in November time, and close in early January.
Who are the contestants on The Great British Bake Off 2019?

2. Do you audition for the display?

Sophie discovered that amateur bakers are invited to meet manufacturers and casting executives face-to-face, armed with their personal bakes, in the event that they make it through the first two tiers.

You’re no longer instructed what you have to bake for this part of the system, however, Sophie stated producers advocate “one bake to be sweet and the opposite to be savory.”

Those that impress in this penultimate stage are then invited to carry out a technical assignment in the front of the cameras.

“You have to bake something whilst you’re there, to make certain you’ve not simply been bringing in a person else’s paintings,” Sophie stated. “It’s also to see that we had been satisfied baking and talking at the equal time and the way we address that.”
three. Are participants paid for taking part in The Great British Bake Off?

Bake Off is not for individuals who don’t have any spare dough – with contestants having to fork out their very own money for the high-priced audition system.

“I was ski instructing in the Alps for all of that season, so [Love Productions] truly paid for my remaining flight lower back, but the whole lot else you need to pay for your self,” Sophie said.

Should you clearly comfy your place on the display, the production crew gives the members an “allowance”.

“You’re essentially given prices,” she brought. “You’re given an allowance for however many suggests you do to source the components.”

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